Yonatan Shapira Taaseh li Yeladim!

Back in 2006 Aya Korem sang about how she was in love Jonathan Shapira. But after reading this excerpt from Catch the Jew! by Tuvia Tenenbom, You'll be wondering why!

Tuvia Tenenbom meets Yonatan Shapira in Tel Aviv.


Meet Jonathan Shapira, the former IDF pilot who signed the "Pilots Letter" in 2003 protesting civilian casualties caused by Israel's targeted killings of terrorist leaders. Shapira is now acitve in the the "boycott and disinvest" movement.

Shapira is idolized by many Israelis. He has even earned a song, entitled “Jonathan Shapira Make me Some Babies,” in which the Israeli pop singer Aya Korem sings of her wish to have children by him.

Here is an excerpt from  "Catch The Jew!" an undercover investigative report on the international agenda to find fault with Jews and Israel.


Tuvia: What would have happened if Israel had lost in 1967? How do you think the Arabs would have treated the Jews?
Jonathan Shapira; I have no idea.
Tuvia:  What do you imagine would have happened?
Jonathan Shapira;  I don’t know.

Of course he knows. He has seen many enlightening samples from his cockpit when he was a rescue helicopter squadron.....

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