Tuvia Tenenbom to Right Wingers; Forget about the Muslims!

The Muslims are not your worst enemy, even with ISIS and all that nonesense!

Listen to this unexpected explanation of the Israel-Palestine conflict!

Tuvia Tenenbom is sitting here with Ariel Segel answering questions from the audience at the book launch of the Hebrew edition of Catch the Jew! (תפוס ת'יהודי). This event took place in September 2014 adn was hosted by Sella Meir Publishing and the Begin Center. 

To see the whole video in Hebrew, without subtitles see below or click here

In this segment, Tuvia is responding to a question about the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and the German Nazis. 

A transcript of the Video

What's happening and and what you people in Israel have to realize is that your worst enemy today is not the Muslim world. 

Even today with ISIS and all that nonsense - They are killing each other, by the way.

Your worst enemy is the European world. 

They are the ones who made you illegal 
They are the ones who call you conquerors.

By the way it was the Red Cross who started this. 

They are the ones who stoke the flames of hatred against you, 
both in the Muslim world....this is the bitter truth.

These white people with their intelligent and beautiful culture. They are the ones who hate you the most. And I am speaking to you as an outsider, because I don't live here.

They are the ones who murdered the most Jews. 

They are the ones whose lust for murder continues to burn inside them. 

This is the bitter truth..... 

When you to and read anti-Semitic literature in Arabic, most of it is translated from European anti-Semitic literature. 

This is the bitter truth..... 

And I say this to all you right wingers! Forget about the Muslims! 

Go after the root of the problem. It's not pleasant. Your families came from Europe.

But remember, the Europeans also murdered your grandparents. 

The culture of the white man, the Westerners. is terrifying and horrible, steeped not in love for mankind but in hatred for the Jew.

Forget about the Moslem problem!

You won't solve the problem until you look at these people, these "human rights" geniuses, and show them the bitter truth, by holding up a mirror. because that's where the fate of the Jewish people will be decided, unfortunately.

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Watch the Whole video in Hebrew without subtitles