Catch The Jew! by Tuvia Tenenbom Available Now in Europe!

The English edition of this literary sensation ships by air mail from Israel (only add $6.45 for shipping)

Catch the Jew! by Tuvia Tenenbom
Catch the Jew! is an undercover investigative report on the international agenda to find fault with Jews and Israel. While he's at it, Tuvia pokes fun at Israelis as well.

Get Catch the Jew! to read the rest of Tuvia Tenenbom's interview with one of Israel's up an coming patriotic female politicians. To order "Catch the Jew!" for only $20 plus $6.45 for 10 day air mail shipping to Europe click here. 

Catch the Jew! recounts the adventures of Tuvia Tenenbom, who wanders around Israel of our time calling himself “Tobi the German.” In the course of numerous interviews Tuvia extracts information, sentiments, hidden theories and delusional visions motivating the miscellany of peoples forming the present-day Holy Land.

Does Palestinian wife number one hate the Jews more than she hates wife number two? Who does a young German tourist hate more, her dead Nazi grandpa or the just-born Jewish baby? Who finances cash-rich NGOs pursuing a Judenrein Israel? Who sets Palestinian olive groves on fire and why? What do you see from a Piper Cherokee above a Bedu camp? Who are the flaming feminists who sacrifice their lives for the rights of polygamists? Whose land is this, anyway?

In the course of his seven-months journey Tobi the German discovers Syrian flags growing inside apples, she-asses who used to be men, five-star refugee camps, flying prophets, cash-loving guardians of the poor, masturbating monks in eternal love of Palestinians, human rights activists in eternal hatred of Jews, cash-rich rabbis without congregations, families growing in cemeteries – among many others.

Catch the Jew!, the most humorous composition on the Middle East to date, is a polyglot spin around a cultural miscegenation in a very small space. However, its never-daunted author finds that with labneh, strudel, olive oil, apple pie, kebab, rugelach, hummus and schnitzel, a happy tummy can bear us through even the most appalling matters. Except the conclusion.

To order "Catch the Jew!" for only $20 plus $6.45 for 10 day air mail shipping to Europe click here.