What is an Israeli, MK Dr. Aliza Lavie?

An Israel is a human who wants to live, to get ahead, to survive.

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Tobi the German: What is an Israeli?
Dr. Aliza Lavie (MK Yesh Atid Party): A human who wants to live, to get ahead, to survive. The desire to live can be found in every part of the Israeli’s being. Why is Israeli high tech so advanced? It’s not just the ‘Jewish brain,’ it’s much more than that. It’s the desire to live to the fullest. Being Israeli means having a home. And despite all the differences between Jews, despite all the yelling at each other right here in this Knesset, Israelis have some kind of glue that unites them. We all share the same home. I cannot explain it. This togetherness, this unity, gives me the strength to sit with German media, to give this interview. It gives me strength, and I can forgive the past.
Tobi the German: She’s talking about me; I am the German she needs special strength
to talk to. Good

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