Cut Your Losses Baby!

Tuvia Tenenbom advises his left wing critics to do like Jibril Rajoub when he found out that "Tobi the German" was really Tuvia the Jew!

Tuvia Tenenbom speaking at the launch of the Hebrew edition of Catch the Jew! (תפוס ת'יהודי). This event took place in September 2014 and was hosted by Sella Meir Publishing and the Begin Center. Here is the transcript of the English subtitles for the segment recorded in this video; 


What crap they write to prove you're wrong. It's really interesting how far they are willing to go. Such ridiculous lies. 

But they have a problem here and that is that everything is documented.

I was happy with Jibril Rajoub. He thought I was a Nazi. He swallowed hook line and sinker that I was a pure a blooded German. We hugged like brothers.  When he found out that it wasn't so…. That this was some Jew.. His response was; "No comment"

Cut your losses baby!

I say this to the leftists. Cut your losses!

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