Europe sides with the Palestinians, while the United States sides with the Israelis. What do you think is the reason for this?

You won't believe the answer given to this question by Gideon Levy, Haaretz columnist and self-identifying "Israeli patriot".

From the Book "Catch The Jew!" by Tuvia Tenenbom

Tobi the German: Do you think that the nation of Israel is brutal by nature?

Gideon Levy: No, totally not. Others are the same. But there is one thing that’s
different from other nations, which is a DNA in the Israeli mentality, the belief that they are the Chosen People, which is a racist view, and this is something very deep in the DNA of the Israeli, of the Jew, that we are better than anybody, that we deserve everything, the kind of belief that Prime Minister Golda Meir had, that Jews can do anything they want, and this is in addition to the thought that we are the greatest victims of history. These are the very thoughts that make us believe that we have rights that others don’t have, and that therefore we can do anything. Out of these comes the demonization of Palestinians.

Tobi the German: Could we say that the Israelis and the Nazis are one and the same?

Gideon Levy: No.

Tobi the German: Why not?

Gideon Levy:  You could make a comparison to the Nazis in the thirties. But that’s the most you can do, not more. Here there are no plans to annihilate other nations, no plans to rule over the world, no concentration camps. I prefer comparing Israel with South Africa during Apartheid.”

Tobi the German: Is it ever going to change?

Gideon Levy: Only if Israel pays for it. Only under pressure on the Israelis, economically
or, God forbid, by bloodshed.

Tobi the German:  Do you think Jews have always been like this, with this racist

Gideon Levy: “Certainly.”

In this kind of environment, I ask him, why doesn’t he just pack
his suitcases, jump onto a plane, and simply leave this country?

Gideon Levy: I’m an Israeli patriot, What will I do in other places, write about tourism?

Tobi the German:  Europe, as a rule, sides more with the Palestinians, while the United States sides more with the Israelis. What do you think is the reason for this? 

Gideon Levy: Europe is much more ideological, complex, intellectual. America
is shallow, everything in black and white, and brainwashed.

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