YAEL LAVIE Defends "Betzelem" head to head with Tuvia Tenenbom

This is one of the best interviews with Tuvia Tenenbom, the author of Catch The Jew!

This interview is interesting for many reasons;

  • It contains footage of the Betzelem researcher Atef Abu Roub professing his belief that the Holocaust was a media scam.
  • Tuvia endures some hard boiled scepticism from the I24 presenter Yael Lavie, and fights back with a freindly smile!
  • Tuvia gets a chance to set the record straight regarding the premise of Catch The Jew! Yael suggests that the premise of Catch The Jew! was that the Palestinians are anti-Semitic. He denies this categorically and explains that the discovery of his research is about the organizations such as Betzelem that receive funding from Europe and the United States and forward anti-Israel and anti-Semitic agandas.

"Catch The Jew!" by Tuvia Tenenbom is an an undercover investigative report on the international agenda to find fault with Jews and Israel and to poke fun at Israelis as well while he's at it!. To order "Catch the Jew!" click here.