Who Crucified Jesus Professor Asma?

The Germans are passionate about us. They care about us. 

While conducting field research for Catch The Jew! Tuvia attended a lecture series financed by Europeans at Al-Quds University. The lecutres were about the intifada, about the occupation, about dignity, about the Palestinian “experience of denials of their basic rights,” enthusiastically taught by Palestinian experts from Europe. Why are Europeans so supportive?

The Follwing is an excerpt from "Catch The Jew!" by Tuvia Tenenbom 

Professor Asma: “At the time I thought that Israeli intellectuals of the Left accepted
us, the Palestinians, but I realize now that they don’t. When I was in Germany I felt that the Germans were passionate about us, that they care about us.”

Tobi the German: Why do you think the Europeans help you?

Professor Asma: When the Europeans come here we take them to the places where
Jesus lived and where the Israelis crucified him and that’s why they support us.”

Tobi the German: The “Israelis” crucified Jesus? How did the Israelis get in there,
two thousand years ago?

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