A Worthy Successor to Jon Stewart!

Praise for Catch the Jew! by Tuvia Tenenbom is pouring in! But even we were surprised by this review!

This is an outstanding book. Tenenbom writes facts. Not the absract, self-promoting, generalizing facts that are favored by the professional pundits, but what specific people said to him in one-on-one interviews. He skewers everybody from left to right, from orthodox to atheist, from Arab to Israeli, ... especially the Germans, the Israeli peace groups and the NGO's.... Now that Jon Stewart is going, at least there is Tuvia Tenenbom, a worthy successor.  See the rest of this and other reviews on amazon.com

Order "Catch The Jew!" by Tuvia Tenenbom 

In Catch the Jew! Tuvia Tenenbom uses humor and charm to explore life in Israel and Palestine. In the course of his research he uncovers an international agenda to find fault with Jews and Israel. These people have one goal; to Catch the Jew doing something wrong! Thus the title of the book "Catch the Jew!". To order "Catch the Jew!"  click here.