Tuvia Tenenbom Loves Palestinian Culture. Here's Why!

"If you understand, not just Islam, but the Palestinian culture, you can't help be fascinated by it. I'm in love with it. If I say something, it becomes a reality! When I deal with Palestinians, they make up stories.... I make up stories, and then we get along. We stand there for hours......."

As much as he is the author of Catch the Jew! a work of investigative journalism, Tuvia Tenenbom is also a playwrite! Watch the clip and see how the behind the scenes drama of the Catch the Jew! investigation plays out!

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In Catch the Jew! (Gefen, 2015) Tuvia Tenenbom uses humor and charm to explore life in Israel and Palestine. In the course of his research he uncovers an international agenda to find fault with Jews and Israel. These people have one goal; to Catch the Jew doing something wrong! To order "Catch the Jew!"  click here.