Tuvia Goes to Washington and Meets US Senator Lindsey Graham

Tuvia Tenenbom dinking with US Senator Lindsey Graham.

Tuvia Tenenbom is on his way to Israel now. He will be presenting his book Catch the Jew! for discussion to English speaking audiences in Haifa (March 11), Netanya (March 15) and Jerusalem (March 22). 

For more information phone the Gefen office in Jerusalem at 02.538.0247 or connect with Catch the Jew! by Tuvia Tenenbom on Facebook.

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In Catch the Jew! Tuvia Tenenbom uses humor and charm to explore life in Israel and Palestine. In the course of his research he uncovers an international agenda to find fault with Jews and Israel. These people have one goal; to Catch the Jew doing something wrong! To order "Catch the Jew!"  click here.