Only the Druze come away unified and honest

Top Amazon Reviewer gives five stars to Catch the Jew! by Tuvia Tenenbom.

Review Catch the Jew! (Gefen, 2015) by Tuvia Tenenbom

Gonzo journalism is alive and well from a fellow who defines chuzpah. Whether acting as a Tobi the German Christian, or Ali Abu, the Arabic speaking Muslim, or Tuvia the Israeli Jew, this rational author sends us on a sad adventure into a Kafkaesque realm of liars, gullible fools, cunning foxes, and people who believe their own propaganda. I did not laugh but I did smile a lot with Tenenbom's observations and wit, but I mainly ended the book with dismay. Logic and science have little influence in Israel or the Middle East. In short, craziness abounds. If you were not already cynical, this book will shatter your optimistic views on all political positions and the many religious followers. European liberals of the NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) are particular targets, for Tenebom scratches their prejudicial, hypocritical surface to find an underlying layer of anti-Semitism. Left-wing Israelis do not survive the mirror of history either. Only the Druze members of the Israeli Defense Force come away as a people unified and honest to themselves and to others (and within the IDF they have their own flag, like Iraqi Kurds). The chapters flows fast and steady. The book is brilliant and important. That it was Israel's Top Best Seller gives wonder but perhaps also hope.

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