"Tenenbom is a 21st Century Socrates," and More Superlative Customer Reviews for Catch the Jew!

So far the Wall Street Journal is the only major media organization to review Catch The Jew! But readers are voting with their keyboards. Here is a small collection of amazing customer reviews from Amazon.com 

"Great read. Wonderful companion to Lela Gilbert's "Saturday People Sunday People". I was turned off by the title and book cover, but WSJ review got my attention. Tenenbom is a 21st century Socrates uncovering the hypocrisy and prejudices so widespread in the levant." Read this review on Amazon.com

"a must-read for everybody who cares about the reality about Israel and Palestine, and what are the reasons that peace is no option at this time." Read this review on Amazon.com

"a real journalist...who actually asks critical questions and is capable of asking an intelligent follow up question." Read this review on Amazon.com

"...gives much deeper insight into Israeli's life than your personal experience could get, no matter how prepared or educated you might be." Read this review on Amazon.com

The sub-title should be 'The Vicious European Pursuit of the Jewish State.' Read this review on Amazon.com

"Don't talk about this book unless you're ready to tick off your friends." Read this review on Amazon.com

"Tuvia Tenenbom is an ultimate Jewish undercover agent and exposes everybody for what they are. Tuvia, they did not catch you, and they will not catch us.: Read this review on Amazon.com

"I loved this book so much so I bought 50 copies for friends and family." Read this review on Amazon.com