News Flash. Nosey Woman with a Dumb ex-Husband Finds Herself Reading Catch The Jew! by Tuvia Tenenbom.

You'll never guess what happens next!

This is a weird read! In my opinions, the ramblings of a mad man who is visiting the middle east.. Although I do keep reading it, I think it's b/c I'm just a bit He travels to different cities in the middle east and interviews people. Not what I would pick for myself as reading material. I purchased this to download on my extra kindle so my ex husband could read it. Of course, he was too dumb to operate a kindle, never read it, so I'm trying to work my way through it.  See the rest of this review and many others on

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I loved this book so much so I bought 50 copies for friends and family. I read it over a weekend and simply found it very hard to stop reading apart for some basic activities like eating and sleeping :) Not only this book is full of first hand encounters, it is very entertaining indeed. The author has done a marvellous job in uncovering the brutal truths in both Israel and the Palestinian Authority. He showed how stories in the press are written and propagated and the forces that operate there as well as their agendas, which are sometime well hidden. This is a must read for anyone who wants a glimpse into Israeli and Palestinian societies. I loved it! See the rest of this review and many others on

This book is required reading for anyone seeking to understand Israel today. The title is unfortunate, as it doesn't really convey what this book is about. Disguising himself as a German reporter (the author, originally from Israel, speaks Hebrew, Arabic, English and German), he travels all over Israel and the West Bank, interviewing people from all walks of life, from illegal immigrants in Tel Aviv to members of the Knesset, Bedouin farmers, Palestinian activists, Jewish settlers, European NGO members, soldiers, prostitutes, taxi drivers, journalists, rabbis, foreign diplomats, waiters - you name it. He has a genius for getting people to open up to him, and a wry, absurd way of looking at the world. The access he was able to obtain is breathtaking: often at great risk, he talked his way into high-level PLO headquarters, an Israeli battleship, placed himself in the middle of a violent demonstration, and hiked all over the West Bank with Palestinian politicians. Through it all, his love of his subjects is palpable. If you read only one book about Israel, please make it this. See the rest of this review and many others on

Amazing book! Finally, someone sheds a light on the hypocrisy of the Palestinian/Israeli situation! Mr. Tenenbom levels his finger squarely at Western and European NGO's getting fat off the good intentions and misguided guilt of the world-at-large. He exposes the so-called journalists and do-gooders for what they truly are: self-righteous, unrepentant narcissists, more concerned with keeping their budgets intact than working towards any real justice or peace. What's so depressing about this book is how it also captures, beyond the tangled mess that has enveloped the land of milk and honey, the humanity and vibrancy of the Arab and Jewish population, giving us a sense of what could be, if we may ditch the entrenched BS and talk to one another as human beings. But unfortunately this will never happen - there are simply too many "peace activists" with their demonizing agendas in the way, determined to maintain the status quo, no matter what the truth might be! Is there any Hope?!? Perhaps... but only if this book is read by enough people, in the process becoming THE central text in the region's discourse, may we finally reverse the decades of hypocrisy and racism-disguised-as-compassion that has the World disproportionately focused on Israel as the great pariah while tens of thousands of truly unfortunate victims of human rights victims go unheard. Do your part and READ it! Then GIVE IT TO SOMEONE!! See the rest of this review and many others on

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In Catch the Jew! Tuvia Tenenbom uses humor and charm to explore life in Israel and Palestine. In the course of his research he uncovers an international agenda to find fault with Jews and Israel. These people have one goal; to Catch the Jew doing something wrong! To buy "Catch the Jew!" on click here.