Learning Arabic Cured me of BDS!

Here is a guest post by Susanna Kris, who commented on our Facebook post January 22 2016 urging people to learn Arabic, as she did, and as Tuvia Tenenbom did, and as a result, had better insight into the Israel Palestine conflict. 


Susanna Kriz, Commenting on our Facebook Post, January 22, 2016

I used to be one of the self-hating fools which Tenenbom describes in his book. Many people who are not familiar with Israel will probably think that he is exaggerating, but the contrary is true: he made a bleak, indigestible truth palatable with his great sense of humour. 

I can tell for sure that none of self-hating Jews who are working towards their own annihilation see themselves as self-haters. They see themselves as positive exceptions to the rule, as heroic dissidents who hold up essential Jewish values, namely, justice for everybody. 

I am half Israeli and half German ("I Sleep in Hitler's Room" is great, too), and I found it very telling that some of the self-haters whom Tenenbom met rejected the term "Jew" and preferred to refer to themselves as "Hebrews" - presumably because they think that Jews (as in diaspora Jews) are pathetic whiners. However, in the diaspora, it is exactly these "pathetic whiners" who make up groups like the Jewish Voice for Peace. Many are from families of Shoah survivors, and they feel let down or betrayed by Israel for one reason or another. My motivation for joining the BDS movement was that I was called a pathetic whiner by my Israeli relatives whenever I tried to tell them about my experience with anti-Semitism in Germany.

What cured me is that I started learning Arabic - and learned some bitter lessons about how cynical Arabs are about Jews who fight for the Palestinian cause.

I couldn't have felt more abused if I had been an advocate who was gang raped by her clients. Tuvia Tenenbom often asked Israeli activists for the Palestinian cause whether they know Arabic, and all of them answered "No". He does know Arabic. Let me tell you, learning Arabic is the best deprogramming method imaginable.

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