"First Time I have ever felt so strongly about a book to post a review under my own name". gUEST POST BY Mark Roisman, New Rochelle, New York

Mark Roisman gets what many other readers miss; Tuvia Tenenbom is no right winger! See his review of Catch the Jew! by Tuvia Tenenbom on Amazon.com 

"Without exaggeration one of most important books ever written about Modern Israel" Reader Review of Catch the Jew! by Tuvia Tenenbom on Amazon.com

I have never previously read a book that I felt so strongly about,to the point where I'm posting a review under my own name. As well, I have actively persuaded (or at least attempted to persuade) friends and acquaintances to read this book .It's that important.

It's very frustrating for supporters of Israel to live in a modern zeitgeist where black is white, and white is black. For years, my frustration only grew as the politically correct culture slowly decided that Israel, a modern, western, moral country was evil incarnate, and the Bond villains surrounding them were the heroes in the white hats. A truth teller, an unbiased observer, preferably from another planet would be needed to see the falsehoods for what they are. and present the facts as they really are, in order to change the world.

I suspect Tuvia Tenenbom, a lapsed Jew who abandoned Israel physically and spiritually decades ago, a secularist who, I suspect (he is apolitical in this book, so I really can only speculate) leans more left than right on the political spectrum, ever guessed that he would be that truth teller, but he is. Mr. Tenenbom, wades through the weeds of NGO's, anti-Zionists, self-hating Jews and holocaust deniers of all ethnicity, and exposes, through their own words and actions, what is truly going on. Most tellingly, and frighteningly, is how obvious it is; all that is necessary is unbiased observation.

Tenenbom, doesn't do any deep investigative reporting, he doesn't sort through secret files, he doesn't use spy cameras, it's not necessary. He merely gives them the impression he's telling their story, and they don't even try to hide what they're doing.

My favorite example is when a Palestinian activist tells Tenenbom how the Israelis forbid Palestinians from owning property in the same conversation in which he brags about the real estate he owns, without even realizing the disconnect.

Tenenbom's conclusion is upsetting, yet proves his honesty, and I disagree with that conclusion, but that doesn't change the importance of this book, because honest men can disagree about opinions. However, while his opinions are his own, his facts are indisputable. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

See this review of Catch the Jew! by Tuvia Tenenbom on Amazon.com 

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