Tuvia Tenenbom Schools Lord Mendelsohn on the New Israel Fund!

"Thanks to you I will increase my donation to the New Israel Fund" This is what Labour peer Lord Mendelsohn said to Tuvia Tenenbom at the Finchley Synagogue, 5 March, 2016. He is probably still reeling from Tuvia's response!

By JC Reporter, March 6, 2016

Controversial Israeli writer Tuvia Tenenbom launched a 10-minute tirade against Labour peer Lord Mendelsohn during an address to Finchley Synagogue on Shabbat.

Mr Tenenbom, who was disinvited from a Limmud panel last December, accused Lord Mendelsohn through his association with the New Israel Fund of being a self-hating Jew, comparable to the Jews who collaborated with the Nazis and helped fund the rise of Adolf Hitler.

The Israeli-born writer had been invited to speak to the community about his book, ‘Catch the Jew!’

Lord Mendelsohn said of the incident: “I read Mr Tenenbom’s book, which addressed some well-known issues with the style you would expect of a strident polemic. What his verbal assault showed was that it was written by someone with a hate-filled, ugly and deeply prejudiced political personality. On balance it is probably better for him to stick to writing.”

He added: “It wasn’t what I had expected to happen between adon olam and a herring at Kiddush”. 

Lord Mendelsohn is the President of the Commonwealth Jewish Council, Co-President of Norwood and a former Chairman of Kinloss Community Centre and Finchley Synagogue. He is a former member of the board of trustees of the New Israel Fund in Britain.

This replaces an earlier version of the story. 

In response, Mr Tenenbom said:

"The depiction of the event at the synagogue lacks content. During my speech I gave numerous examples of findings made by New Israel Fund to various anti-Israel groups and people and I argued that by doing so the NIF has positioned itself as an organization made up of sworn, self-hating Jews, who deliberately undermine Israel’s cause by spreading unsubstantiated propaganda against Israel and her Jewish supporters in the Diaspora. To this, Lord Mendelsohn told me that I had reminded him he had not yet made his annual contribution to the NIF, but that now – thanks to
me - he will increase it.

"In reply, I said that his reaction to my comments about the New Israel Fund was itself an example of the Jewish self-hatred that I write about in my book, Catch the Jew! For him to brag about donating more to the NIF, and this after I had pointed out the rabid self-hate causes it supports with endless flow of cash, was nothing short than a living
proof to the uncritical, irrational, fundamentalist worldview that people like
this Lord suffer from."

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