Too Bad American Patriot David Isaac Feels Personally Attacked by Lies they Tell.

Author Tuvia Tenenbom, answers some of the points made by David Isaac in his scathing review of Lies Tell a Journey Through America in the Washington Free Beacon.

Here is a link to a review by David Isaac in the Washington Free Beacon. The review contains far too many inaccuracies, especially given the size of the article, and here is a responds to some of them:

Had it not been packed with made-up facts I wouldn’t bother to respond, as I do understand that American patriots like David feel personally attacked by a book that’s critical of America.

Here goes:

No, I don’t live in the U.S. of A. for 15 years. Where did you get this figure from, David? The correct number is 35 years.

No, I am not a columnist for the Forward. I resigned from that post quite some time ago, after being censored by editors when writing a critical essay on self-hating American Jews — a fact that's mentioned in the book. Have you read the book, David?

You write: "Catch the Jew! had the added benefit of being Tenenbom's idea, something that can't be said of his latest effort.” Wrong! All my books so far came to life at the suggestions of my editors — and I have mentioned as much in each of the books. Have you read any of them?

You write: "What makes his conclusion odder still is that inside of three minutes, many of these same interviewees warm to him.” My dear David: Who gave you this three-minute timetable? You make up numbers, over and over.

A little comment: “Tocqueville He’s Not” is a nice soundbite but nowhere does your review contain a single factual argument disproving anything written in The Lies They Tell. Is that why you have resorted to this soundbite?